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 (sûr′to͞o-ĭn, -tyo͞o-)
Any of a family of enzymes that occur in all living organisms and are thought to regulate cellular aging, apoptosis, and resistance to stress in more complex eukaryotic organisms.

[Alteration of Sir2, name of the first gene coding for the synthesis of such enzymes to be isolated (short for s(ilent mating-type) i(nformation) r(egulation) 2, so called because the gene silences the expression of genes relating to the two mating types of the yeast from which it was isolated ) + -in.]


a protein that regulates cell metabolism and ageing
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57-59) SIRT1 can also be activated by marked calorie restriction, which has been demonstrated to increase life span in some species.
Resveratrol inhibits interleukin 1[beta]-mediated inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in articular chondrocytes by activating SIRT1 and thereby suppressing nuclear factor-srB activity.
They showed that increasing the expression of a protein called SIRT1 in the mouse hypothalamus increased the mouse lifespan, mimicking the effects of a calorie-restricted diet.
The first studies of resveratrol in the early 2000s had suggested that it exerts some of its positive effects on health by activating SIRT1, also thought to be a longevity gene.
Proteins known as sirtuins are necessary to achieve this life span extension, with sirtuin 1, or SIRT1, often regarded as the most important.
Sirtuin 1, or SIRT1, is known to play an important role in maintaining metabolic balance in multiple tissues, and studies in various organisms have shown that activating the protein can lead to many health benefits.
Experiments carried out by researchers in WCMC-Q's Dr Chris Triggle laboratory demonstrate that metformin, the first-choice hypoglycemic drug prescribed to most type-2 diabetes sufferers, interacts with the so-called 'longevity gene' SIRT1 to protect the user's vascular system against deterioration caused by glucose toxicity.
Here, we show for the first time that a synthetic SIRT1 activator extends lifespan and improves healthspan of mice fed a standard diet," Dr de Cabo told The Telegraph.
Scientists have long considered one of these genes, SIRT1, to be crucial for animals' responses to calorie restriction.
Chief Executive Officer of Sirtris, a GSK company, will provide an update on the Company's lead new chemical entity (NCE) SIRT1 activator, SRT2104.
7) Complicating the question of how sirtuins affect aging is the fact that mammals have at least seven different sirtuins, designated SIRT1 - SIRT7.
In the current study, Li-Huei Tsai, PhD, Johannes Graff, PhD, and others at the Picower Institute For Learning and Memory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, tested whether reducing caloric intake would delay the onset of nerve cell loss that is common in neurodegenerative disease, and if so, whether SIRT1 activation was driving this effect.