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By joining the VPF family, SNET DG is offering VPF members quick and easy access to the information they need without the complexity and expense of an SS7 network, or handing off database queries to a TDM-based carrier," remarked Suzette Taylor, Business Development Manager at SNET DG.
The one-year agreement, which calls for Lucent to initially provide SNET with five different models of phones, is an indicator of the company's branching off in new directions, and is viewed by Lucent as "a new source of revenue and a way to differentitate itself from the hordes of other telecommunications companies," said Brian Dunlap, marketing director, network service providers.
The two power stations, in which Euro 400 million will be invested, and which will be built in the north-east of France, on land at the Emile Huchet plant, owned by SNET, will increase the French subsidiary's current installed capacity by 30%.
SNET, a subsidiary of ENDESA (NYSE:ELE), has begun construction of the 10 MW capacity Ambon wind farm, situated in the gulf of Morbihan in the region of Brittany.
The Department also required SNET to file its proposed terms and conditions under which it will provide collocation to DSL providers.
She established SNET as the preeminent wireless wholesale provider in the region through the development of a comprehensive resale marketing program focused on profitable growth strategies.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- A new service that will be offered in a market trial by SNET later this month will enable residential and business customers to access the Internet, e-commerce applications and data files up to 50 times faster.
Whitacre renewed SBC's commitments to enhance the company's telecommunications network in Connecticut, to offer significant career opportunities for SNET employees and to strengthen SNET's position as a major contributor to its communities and the overall economy of Connecticut.
On 12 July, SNET and Ecofin Limited signed an agreement under which Ecofin would acquire the French company's stake in Sechilienne-Sidec.
In 2001, these employees will pay 25% of the incremental premium cost for a dependent spouse who has coverage with another employer but turns it down to take the SNET coverage.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was issued by SNET Today: