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n.1.The fat of a deer.
v. t.1.The clear of mucus; to blow.
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SNET, a subsidiary of ENDESA (NYSE:ELE), has begun construction of the 10 MW capacity Ambon wind farm, situated in the gulf of Morbihan in the region of Brittany.
The one-year agreement, which calls for Lucent to initially provide SNET with five different models of phones, is an indicator of the company's branching off in new directions, and is viewed by Lucent as "a new source of revenue and a way to differentitate itself from the hordes of other telecommunications companies," said Brian Dunlap, marketing director, network service providers.
Jasco, based in Oklahoma City, already manufactures its own line of home office accessories--mostly surge protectors--and is expanding this category significantly for itself and SNET, while making its first entry into the cellular market.
The two power stations, in which Euro 400 million will be invested, and which will be built in the north-east of France, on land at the Emile Huchet plant, owned by SNET, will increase the French subsidiary's current installed capacity by 30%.
ENDESA's (NYSE:ELE) 65% owned French subsidiary, SNET (Societe Nationale d'Electricite et de Thermique), has finalised the sale (dated 21 September) of its 23.
The operations carried out between January and September have allowed ENDESA to manage more than 1,050 GWh of energy, highlighting its capacity to leverage its position in Italy and France (where it operates through SNET and ENDESA Italia) to manage energy in trans-national markets.
In compliance with the EU Directive limiting the emissions of certain contaminating agents into the atmosphere by large combustion plants (LCPD), SNET, ENDESA's (NYSE:ELE) French subsidiary, has begun assembling desulphurisation and denitrification systems at its two 600 MW coal-fired units at the Emile Huchet (in Lorraine) and Provenza (in Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur) plants.
During his 25 years with the agency, he directed integrated, creative marketing programs for clients such as Days Inns of America, Cendant, SNET (now part of SBC), CIGNA Healthcare, Fidelity Investments, Keebler and Inglenook Wines in the telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and consumer food and beverage categories.