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Parkes even emailed one pupil from her personal address to give him example essays ahead of SQA exams.
The college has developed and delivers a wide range of SQA maritime qualifications - including SQA HNC/Ds in Maritime Studies, and Marine Engineering.
South Ayrshire said: "The SQA agreed with the council that there was no evidence of assessment malpractice and no further action is required.
The QET and the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) on the one side and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) on the other side signed a contract under which SQA provides technical assistance for the preparatory phase of the National Qualifications Frame plus required processes to ensure smooth implementation of its phases.
During his work with the SQA, Mr Cook travelled to Beirut in Lebanon, Djakarta in Indonesia, Cairo in Egypt and was on a business trip to Saudi Arabia when unrest broke out in Bahrain, where he said he was required to help with the evacuation of employees.
You can reach our SQA World Headquarters office as below:
The Bahrain Justice and Development Movement (BJDM) - which lobbied the Scottish Parliament last year - also voiced concern over the SQA deal.
The SQA was forced to react to criticism that instant disqualification for having a phone in an exam hall was too harsh.
The mix-up came two years after the SQA was criticised when thousands of students received incorrect or late exam results.
Although the SQA would be initially liable, the Scottish Executive would be likely to pick up the bill for the claims, at taxpayers' expense.
Ronnie Summers, head of qualifications development (Curriculum for Excellence) at SQA, said: "The development of knowledge and understanding is still very much at the heart of our National Qualifications.
The new survey, due to be published by the SQA tomorrow, has found that pupils and parents are ready to trust the agency again.