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(sʊə) or


(Placename) transliteration of the Arabic name for Tyre



a town in S Lebanon, on the Mediterranean Sea: site of the ancient port of Tyre.


a prefix meaning “over, above,” “in addition”: surcharge; surname; surrender.
[Middle English < Old French < Latin super- super-]


var. of sub- before r: surrogate.
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Noun1.Sur - a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean SeaSur - a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea; formerly a major Phoenician seaport famous for silks
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
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But Oakton's decision not to employ SURS annuitants does not directly affect plaintiffs' ability to continue to collect their full annuity -- which is what the Illinois Constitution protects -- and plaintiffs identify no SURS provision that would entitle them to simultaneously receive an annuity and engage in post-retirement employment.
SURS BenefitLine is the successful result of careful planning.
SURS handles benefits for participants and benefit recipients of community colleges, state universities, colleges, scientific surveys and other related agencies throughout Illinois, not just in the Champaign-Urbana area.