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 (zä′lə, sä′-)
A river, about 425 km (265 mi) long, rising in central Germany east of Kassel and flowing north to the Elbe River.
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Noun1.Saale - a river that rises in central Germany and flows north to join the Elbe River
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
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Boulders of Backsteinkalk are Saalian and Weichselian glacial erratics occurring over wide areas in the northern and in particular the northeastern parts of Germany.
2001b, Recent position of surfaces of Holsteinian interglacial marine and limnic sediments, and of Saalian glacial river terraces.
These alluvial fan deposits may be connected with the Saalian volcano-tectonic events.
Beyond the site; the Saalian archaeological record at Maastricht-Belvedere (The Netherlands).
There are no lithological differences between tills formed by different ice advances of the Saalian glaciation (Lower Ugandi and Upper Ugandi subformations).
Long profiles of Pleistocene terraces display deformation by two faults located at the boundaries between the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Magura Nappe and young infill of the Nowy Targ Basin, affecting Elsterian and, to a lesser extent, Saalian glaciofluvial covers (Fig.
But if SU1 is considered to be older than MIS 4 (coeval with MIS 6 Moscow stage in European Russia; late Saalian in Central Europe), sediments of MIS 5e Mikulino interglacial in European Russia (Eemian interglacial in Central Europe) are absent from the Kileshino outcrop.
The eastern valley sides are mantled by weathering debris and loams, while the western ones are dominated by a flight of straths and complex-response terraces, the alluvial covers of which were deposited during the Pleistocene glacial stages: Praetiglian (150-155 m to 154-161 m), Menapian or Elsterian-1 (75-84 m to 78-96 m), Elsterian-2 (51-55 m to 52-65 m), Saalian (26-41 m to 29-41 m), Wartanian (17-24 m to 20-31 m), and Weichselian (10-11 m to 16-18 m), as well as in the Holocene (6-10 m, 4-5 m, 2-3 m).
They are represented by glacial and interglacial deposits from the Early Saalian through the Eemian to the Late Weichselian and are followed by Holocene marine and terrestrial deposits on the top.
Elevation differences among terraces of the Nysa Klodzka and Bystrzyca Rivers allow one to suppose that the Sudetic mountain front has been uplifted by 20 to 35 m after the Saalian (Odranian) glacial stage.
Results of a complex study (OSL and 14C AMS datings, pollen, diatom and ostracod data) on the Late Saalian to Holocene sediment sequence at Arumetsa, southwestern Estonia, are reported by M.