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 (sä′nən, zä′-)
A dairy goat of a breed developed in Switzerland, having a short-haired white or cream-colored coat.

[After Saanen, a town of southwest Switzerland.]
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Founded in 1949 in the alpine village of Saanen, three kilometres from the world-famous resort of Gstaad, the John F.
The Beetal breed has been used for cross-breeding with Saanen and Alpine breeds in the All India Coordinated Research Project on goats, both for milk and meat components (Rana et al.
Aroma profile and chemical quality of goat Saanen meat fed with different levels of concentrate.
Quantitative characteristics of carcass and meat quality of 3/4 Boer+1/4 Saanen and Saanen goat kids fed diets with dry yeast.
We raise Nubian, Saanen, and a few Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats that provide us with delightfully delicious milk.
And Saanen, the municipality where Gstaad is located, has a private airport.
Estos valores tambien son coincidentes con estudios realizados en Mexico (17) sobre ganancia de peso vivo de cabritos criollos desarrollados en sistemas extensivos, con otros realizados en el noroeste argentino (7) y en Brasil (24) trabajando en la suplementacion de cabritos de raza Saanen.
ISLAMABAD, September 27, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan Agricultural Research Council is planning to introduce Saanen goats in the country to improve milk production as milk is second most important product of goat particularly in rural and remote areas because of its nutritional value.
Assim sendo, objetivou-se com esse trabalho, avaliar o consumo e digestibilidade dos nutrientes bem como a producao de leite de cabras Saanen alimentadas com diferentes fontes de lipidios (semente de faveleira, residuo da extracao do oleo da semente de faveleira (torta) ou caroco de algodao).
The team's analysis found four gene variants (R143, S146, H154, and K222) in the genes of Boer, Nubian, Saanen, Toggenburg, and a few other goat breeds.
The collaborative work of dedicated Wisconsin cheese enthusiasts Martin Hintz and Pam Percy (who reside on five acres in suburban Milwaukee where they raise two Saanen dairy goats, raise vegetables, chicken and quality, in addition to writing books and articles on travel, history, and food), "Wisconsin Cheese: A Cookbook And Guide To The Cheeses Of Wisconsin" is a 272-page celebration of Wisconsin's contribution to cheesemaking, including more than 100 thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes showcasing the nutrition, flavors, and diversities of cheese.