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also Sa·re·ma  (sär′ə-mä′)
An island of western Estonia in the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga. Long strategically important, it has been controlled by the Teutonic Knights and by Livonia, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and Estonia.


(ˈsɑr əˌmɑ)

an island in the Baltic, at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga, belonging to Estonia. 1048 sq. mi. (2714 sq. km).
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The marginal tunnel of some Saaremaa specimens is discontinuous and does not contour the whole spreite (Fig.
A comparison of the western and eastern peripheries of Estonia revealed that in Saaremaa (western periphery) the unstressed vowel in a secondary-stressed foot has generally lengthened, and the duration ratios in the secondary-stressed foot are similar to those of the primary-stressed foot.
Contractor address : Nasva Harbour, Nasva, Kaarma Vald, Saaremaa
Fur besonders vielversprechend wurde die Insel Saaremaa gehalten, denn der Haufung an Metallfunden auf der Insel nach zu urteilen, habe sie Anteil am Verlauf einer bronzezeitlichen 'Metallhandelsroute' gehabt (ebd.
Estonia said yesterday that it was boosting surveillance around the islands of Hiiumaa and Saaremaa islands - a potential resupply route from the West in the event of conflict with Russia to the east.
The project involves five LEADER Local Actions Groups; Central Warwickshire Villages, Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership, Vallee Du Loir (France), Hiiumaa (Estonia) and Saaremaa (Estonia) working together over the last two and a half years to strengthen links between local schools and local food producers and help children understand more about where their food comes from.
This study area is located in the Gulf of Riga and encompasses the coastal sea area of southern and southeastern Saaremaa Island.
It's a partly transparent circular tent on the Baltic nation's picturesque Saaremaa Island.
The teenage keeper, born in Sandown, was selected for his home island's representative team and played against Gibraltar (lost 3-1), Rhodes (lost 2-0), Estonian team Saaremaa (won 5-1) and Jersey (lost 4-1).
BALTIC P&O CRUISES (0843 373 0111) offers a 16-night cruise on Adonia (D311) from PS999 (Getaway Fare) ex-Southampton August 9 to Copenhagen, Saaremaa Island, Tallin, St Petersburg (overnight in port), Stockholm, Visby, Kalmar, Sassnitz and Kiel canal.
In Europe, 5 rodent-borne hantaviruses have been detected: DobravaBelgrade, Saaremaa, Seoul, Puumala, and Tula (1,2).
9,995 passengers traveled from the Estonian mainland to the largest islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa on June 22, and 9,445 traveled back to the mainland on Sunday, to celebrate Midsummer, reports Postimees Online.