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 (sär′lănd′, zär′-, -länt′) or Saar (sär, zär)
A region of southwest Germany in the Saar River valley on the border with France. Because of its extensive coal deposits, it was long contested between Germany and France, especially after World War I, when the League of Nations assigned the administration of the newly formed Saar Territory to France. After a 1935 plebiscite, Saarland became a German province, but it was again placed under French control in 1945. Autonomy was rejected by the populace in 1955, and the region officially became a state of West Germany in 1957.

Saar′land′er n.


(German ˈzaːrlant)
(Placename) a state of W Germany: formed in 1919; under League of Nations administration until 1935; occupied by France (1945–57); part of West Germany (1957–90): contains rich coal deposits and is a major industrial region. Capital: Saarbrücken. Pop: 1 060 000 (2003 est). Area: 2567 sq km (991 sq miles)


(ˈzɑrˌlænd, ˈsɑr-)

a state in W Germany, in the Saar River valley. 1,084,201; 991 sq. mi. (2569 sq. km). Cap.: Saarbrücken.
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It is not a complex bug, but its effect is disastrous, explains Michael Backes, professor of information security and cryptography at Saarland University and director of CISPA.
A delegation from the Saarland state in Germany met a number of business leaders in Bahrain to discuss key economic developments in the kingdom, and to prepare for an official visit to Bahrain soon.
The company promotes the Dutch a cappella band intrmzzo and the Saarland Football Association Saarland Steelers.
But researchers at Saarland University, together with associates in Bologna and Naples, have developed a robotic hand that can accomplish both tasks with ease and yet, including the actuators, is scarcely larger than a human arm.
ISLAMABAD, July 08, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Javaid Iqbal has recently completed his PhD from Saarland University, Germany, under the supervision of Prof.
Germany-based InterMed Discovery (IMD) has acquired unique microbial omega 3 fatty acid production strains and related know-how from the University of Saarland.
The University of Saarland Clinic Blood Center Chooses Inlog's EdgeBlood and EdgeLab to Manage Its Blood Bank and Laboratory
SAARLAND, sire of last season's Grade 1-placed two-year-old Collegiate, has been retired from stud duty at the age of ten due to fertility problems, writes Nancy Sexton.
The electronic beer mat was created by computer scientists Andreas Butz of the University of Munich and Michael Schmitz of Saarland University, using pressure sensors embedded in the mat to pass information to the bar via a radio link.
Michael Bohm, University of Saarland, Germany, the principal investigator for Orqis(TM) suggested that, "Only new technologies like intelligent cardiac assist systems might be applicable in solving the great problems in the cure of patients with pumping failure refractory to medical therapy.
Karlsberg is a strong player in southwest Germany, in the regions of Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz.
The way he ran (Saturday), I'd have to give him a chance,'' said Shug McGaughey, whose Saarland finished 10th in the Derby, came out of the race with a bone chip in his left front ankle and faced surgery.