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 (sär′lănd′, zär′-, -länt′) or Saar (sär, zär)
A region of southwest Germany in the Saar River valley on the border with France. Because of its extensive coal deposits, it was long contested between Germany and France, especially after World War I, when the League of Nations assigned the administration of the newly formed Saar Territory to France. After a 1935 plebiscite, Saarland became a German province, but it was again placed under French control in 1945. Autonomy was rejected by the populace in 1955, and the region officially became a state of West Germany in 1957.

Saar′land′er n.


(German ˈzaːrlant)
(Placename) a state of W Germany: formed in 1919; under League of Nations administration until 1935; occupied by France (1945–57); part of West Germany (1957–90): contains rich coal deposits and is a major industrial region. Capital: Saarbrücken. Pop: 1 060 000 (2003 est). Area: 2567 sq km (991 sq miles)


(ˈzɑrˌlænd, ˈsɑr-)

a state in W Germany, in the Saar River valley. 1,084,201; 991 sq. mi. (2569 sq. km). Cap.: Saarbrücken.
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This will not have pleased the Saarlander Lafontaine, but it is consistent with Schroder's desire to identify himself at the beginning of the new millennium with the reunified nation centred once again on its former capital, from which Europe and the world will be viewed in a new perspective.
Saarlander (UK) will be there to announce its new marketing deal with quality chilled and frozen meat producer Zimmerman, while among other companies looking for UK importers are Fricopan Back for its deep frozen bakery products, Frischli Milchwerke for its UHT dairy products and Hans Poppenburg for its vacuum packed frankfurters.
These include Germany's leading yogurt producer Ehrmann which has recently made its UK debut, premium fruit juice supplier Dan International, and sausage, sauces and toppings manufacturer Saarlander which is launching a retail bockwurst pack at the show.