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Noun1.Sabahan - a Malaysian from Sabah
North Borneo, Sabah - a region of Malaysia in northeastern Borneo
Malaysian - a native or inhabitant of Malaysia
Adj.1.Sabahan - of or pertaining to Sabah or its people; "Sabahan tribesmen"
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Located along the southeast coast of Sabah, Tawau borders Sulawesi to the south and faces the Sabahan interior to the west.
These particles are said to have originated from Malay, Chinese, and the local Sabahan languages, and they carry out specific functions to convey emotive attitudes.
In Kinabalu, a 30-year concession to manage the mountain climb (with associated facilities) was allocated in 1998, on a fixed fee basis, to a local Sabahan consortium, who sold it to a Singaporean concern which, in turn, was bought out by a major property development company with interests in China, Malaysia, and elsewhere.
Riyadh, Jumada II 22, 1435, Apr 22, 2014, SPA -- After having beaten Sabahan of Iran at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh this evening one love within group D of the first round of Asia Soccer Champions tournament, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia qualified for the next round of tournament.
They also had to learn about the culture of the Sabahan people and learn first aid in case something went wrong.
Nearly 50 percent of the plots of lands in Sabahan industrial zone are not used.
Other Sabahan educators reported that their students were increasingly frustrated with the seemingly endless U.
Gaya Island Resort will incorporate elements of Sabahan architecture and contemporary design complete with modern amenities and Wi-Fi capabilities.
Hence a more culturally appropriate tagline for a specialized local Sabahan audience should read; 'Kita Happy' meaning 'We are happy' where kita' or 'We' speaks of the individual in the context of her relationship to the community and where her happiness is the community's.
07) * Kadazan/Dusun, Melanau, Bajau, Bidayuh, Iban, Orang Ulu, Lundayeh, Kayan, Kedayan, Sabahan, Kadayan, Suluk, Tidung, Bisaya.
Tanak Wagu's distrust of the federal government as it relates to the protection of indigenous rights is, in my opinion, representative of local views on the matter, and it is perhaps a distrust that has motivated the aptness of many a bumiputera Sabahan to associate himself or herself with the state of Sabah, rather than the nation.
The government also reenergized broader Malay loyalties through fraudulence, the most memorable instance of which involved its portraying the leader of the splinter party as a secret Christian, falsely portraying the Sabahan headgear he had donned while campaigning as bearing the sign of the cross.