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(Plants) a variety of palm tree
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Noun1.sabal - American dwarf fan palmsSabal - American dwarf fan palms    
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Arecaceae, family Arecaceae, family Palmaceae, family Palmae, palm family, Palmaceae, Palmae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs and vines usually having a tall columnar trunk bearing a crown of very large leaves; coextensive with the order Palmales
cabbage palm, cabbage palmetto, Sabal palmetto - low-growing fan-leaved palm of coastal southern United States having edible leaf buds
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The ombudsman also faulted Sabal for failing to seek permission from the provincial government for his travels abroad from 2010 to 2016.
The mandate should require the Sabal Trail Pipeline be shut down while FERC completes a thorough and complete Environmental Impact Study (EIS) that addresses downstream emissions and, if it finds it appropriate after that, issues a new Certificate.
Aeon Global Health, the operating unit of Authentidate Holding Corp (OTCQB: ADAT), a growth-oriented provider of personalised, clinically actionable medical informatics and telemedicine, has signed a contract with Sabal Therapeutics LLC, a pharmaceutical products wholesale and manufacturer company located in Winder, Georgia.
Completed on time, within an aggressive schedule, this closing is an enormous accomplishment for Sabal in one of the most competitive markets in the world," said Pat Jackson, chairman and CEO of Sabal Capital Partners.
com/) Sabal Trail Pipeline is a 515-mile natural gas pipeline that stretches from Alabama to central Florida.
He began his career at Mission Hills Mortgage Corporation and most recently served as director of CRE term lending at Sabal Financial Group, an international diversified financial services firm.
Los petenes estudiados conforman circulos concentricos que al exterior presentan especies de mangle (Flores y Espejel, 1994) y al interior elementos arboreos dispersos de Manilkara zapota, Sabal japa, Metopium brownei, Gymnanthes lucida, entre otros (Flores y Espejel, 1994; Zamora, 2003).
com)-- Sabal Park Portfolio, a collection of nine office properties located in Tampa Bay's I-75 Corridor submarket in eastern Hillsborough County, has been sold for $48.
Prerna Singh was playing in her village, Nangla Sabal at Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, on March 18 when she accidentally put her hand into a fodder- cutting machine, which lopped off her right thumb at the base.
International Resource News-July 29, 2013--Florida Power & Light awards contract to Sabal Trail Transmission(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Sabal is a financial services company with three primary business lines: credit advisory services, loan portfolio investments, and real estate lending.
2004 but was omitted for Sabal minor due to the difficulty of obtaining accurate measurements on horizontal stems.