Sabine's gull

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Sab·ine's gull

 (săb′īnz, -ĭnz, sā′bīnz)
A migratory gull (Xema sabini) that breeds in Arctic regions, having a forked tail with feathers rounded at the ends.

[After Sir Edward Sabine (1788-1883), British astronomer and explorer.]
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The single Sabine's Gull (Xema sabini) sampled contained a seahorse (Hippocampus sp.
A SABINE'S Gull is spending summer in Lowestoft, Suffolk, after getting lost on the way to America.
Small numbers of seabirds passed the western fringe: Balearic Shearwaters off Anglesey's Point Lynas, and Sabine's Gull, Little Gull and more Balearics from Bardsey.
Bardsey this week hosted its latest ever Pallas's warbler and Sabine's gull, both ringed on the island, while a swift over Pen-y-Ffordd, Wrexham, on Monday was also incredibly late: you wonder how this high-flying insectivore could survive.
rubens) Foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum) Slender oat (Avena barbara) Sabine's Gull (Xema sabini) Tufted saxifrage (Saxifraga caespitosa) Laughing Gull (Garas atricilla) "Vegetation" Franklin's Gull (L.
Criccieth and Harlech each scored with a smart Sabine's gull on the beach, and these graceful pelagic birds also flew past Point Lynas, Bardsey, South Stack and Porth Ysgaden.
Monday's gales brought other seabirds inshore to west-facing coasts: Sabine's gull and grey phalarope to Porthmadog Cob, another Sabine's off Black Rock Sands, Leach's petrels past Criccieth, Porth Ysgaden and Bardsey, and black terns from several watchpoints.
The northwesterly winds brought expectations but few seabirds: a Sabine's gull and Balearic shearwaters off Point Lynas and a couple of black terns off Bardsey were the highlights.
More surprising was a Sabine's gull past Cemlyn Bay on Sunday, a beautiful resident of the pack ice.
Leach''s Petrels passed in huge numbers as did a Sabine's gull seen from Rhos Point.
A sabine's gull, a visitor from America, was seen from Kilcumin Head and landed on the sea next to a sun fish from which it began to pick lice.
Strong winds brought little gulls to the Llyen, Aber Dysynni and Cemlyn, while a Sabine's gull was a great find off Penmon.