Sabine River

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Sa·bine River

A river of eastern Texas rising northeast of Dallas and flowing about 890 km (550 mi) generally southeast and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Its lower course forms the Texas-Louisiana border and crosses Sabine Lake before entering the Gulf.
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Noun1.Sabine River - a river in eastern Texas that flows south into the Gulf of Mexico
Lone-Star State, Texas, TX - the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
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By the time the fighting had completely stopped, the United States had asserted unquestioned federal control over all lands between Mobile Bay and the Sabine River and, within six years, would secure the entire Florida Peninsula.
Louisiana legislators in a small flotilla of boats wound its way down the Sabine River, across the Gulf of Mexico, up the Atchafalaya River and finally up the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge in 1960 with one goal in mind: convince newly elected Gov.
Stephen qualified for the Elite's through the Southern Opens and his rookie campaign kicks off at the Sabine River in Texas on March 19th.
KCSR) declared that it has recently reconstructed 6 timber bridges in the Beaumont Subdivision in an area named as the Sabine River bottoms near Starks, La.
A horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation completed last summer under the Sabine River and nearby swamplands is believed to be the longest ever made at 11,065 feet.
Although more recent citations suggest it may not be uncommon in the Sabine River (Ford et al.
The Texas Administrative Code lists 18 freshwater mussel sanctuaries ("no-take" areas) within Texas stream segments and reservoirs with three being on the Sabine River in northeast Texas.
Undistinguished though it was, the Alamo was the only significant outpost between the Mexican armies to the south, and the mass of Texian colonies along the Sabine River, In October 1835, after armed rebellion against Mexican rule had broken out, soldiers under General Martin Perfecto de Cos--Santa Anna's inept, vain brother-in-law--took control of the Alamo.
Harry and his younger sister Tom think the killer is the legendary Goat Man, a strange creature that lives in the Bottoms around the Sabine River.
Heckmann Water Resources' (HWR) fresh water pipeline will initially transport water from HWR's Red River water supply and ultimately be able to deliver water from both the Red River and the Sabine River.
The results from the survey of mussels have prompted Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Sabine River Authority to initiate studies to evaluate whether impacts of the project have extended into nearby tributaries.
We have already chosen our location on our 81 acre Elora farm out next to the Sabine river.