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He was spoken of as the most adroit, the strongest, and the most courageous contadino for ten leagues around; and although Teresa was universally allowed to be the most beautiful girl of the Sabines, no one had ever spoken to her of love, because it was known that she was beloved by Vampa.
One day the young shepherd told the count's steward that he had seen a wolf come out of the Sabine mountains, and prowl around his flock.
He would, no doubt, have believed that he had returned to the times of Florian, and would have declared, on reaching Paris, that he had met an Alpine shepherdess seated at the foot of the Sabine Hill.
I think we appreciated the great figure of David in the grand square, and the sculptured group they call the Rape of the Sabines.
There is another story of the Sabine ladies--and that too, I thank heaven, is very antient.
You are the direct descendant of those Romans who carried off the Sabine women.
She herself was now a man-charmer, a mark for Cupid, a Sabine who must be coy when the Romans were at their banquet boards.
Leaping up with the idea of seeing a score of Happar warriors about to perform anew the Sabine atrocity, I found myself confronted by the company of girls, who, having dropped their work, stood before me with starting eyes, swelling bosoms, and fingers pointed in horror towards me.
Sabine [1] from Valparaiso, but that they form a variety which by some botanists has been considered as specifically distinct.
Friends of the Sabines before they left New Zealand described them as "colourful".
This sparked a war with the Sabines, and during the war Tarpeia, the daughter of a Roman general, betrayed Rome to the Sabines in exchange for what the Sabines "wore on their left arms.
Por equidad, le solicito atentamente se sirva dar paso a mi contra respuesta, dadas las afirmaciones de Mandujano, esperando terminar con este lamentable sesgo que el reportero efectuo en un tema que no corresponde a mi padre, sino a Sabines Guerrero.