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Baout three weeks afterwards, old man Hasken he would hev it that the "East Wind" was a commerce-destroyin' man-o'-war, so he declared war on Sable Island because it was Bridish, an' the shoals run aout too far.
Carpeting to be durable commercial grade, Shaw Industries, Sable Island or equal.
An ExxonMobil Canada spokesman said the firm is developing a timetable to decommission the wells off Sable Island.
SABLE ISLAND NATIONAL Park Reserve became a reality in July 2013, more than 210 years after the British government created the Sable Island Human Establishment to put people on the island so that survivors from shipwrecks were not just left there to die.
Warren Joyce found the bottle in debris on Sable Island, Nova Scotia, 58 years after Dean Bumpus released it as part of a study of ocean currents.
20 on Sable Island, about 185 miles southeast of Halifax.
The bills ranged from the usual supply and budget bills, to closing loopholes in the Civil Marriage Act, to one officially creating the new Sable Island National park in Nova Scotia.
Willie loves horses and would like nothing more than to ride one of the wild ones from Sable Island.
The topics include changes in submarine channel morphology and slope sedimentation patterns from repeat multi-beam surveys in the Fraser River delta in western Canada, geology metrics for predicting shoreline change using seabed and sub-bottom observations from the surf zone and near-shore, seabed disturbance and bedform distribution and mobility on the storm-dominated Sable Island Bank of the Scotian Shelf, analyzing bedforms mapped using multi-beam sonar to determine regional bedload sediment transport patterns in the San Francisco Bay coastal system, and seasonal and spatial variation in suspended sediment characteristics off the Changjuang estuary.
Her most famous book was the novel Pit Pony, the story of Willie, an 11-year-old boy in early 20th-century Nova Scotia who is forced to work as a trapper in a Cape Breton coal mine, and Gem, the Sable Island "pit" pony he befriends.
Seals with similar characteristic spiral or corkscrew injuries have been reported from Atlantic Canada for at least the last 15 years at Sable Island off Nova Scotia and the Gulf of St Lawrence.
Sable Island is famous for its hardy herd of wild ponies.