saber-toothed cat

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sa·ber-toothed cat

Any of various extinct cats of the Oligocene Epoch to the Pleistocene Epoch, having long curved upper canine teeth, and including smilodon.
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Sean, who is John Lennon and Yoko Ono's son, will play a show at the Wolstenholme Square venue with his band The Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger on Tuesday.
What a mouthful Sabre tooth tiger at the National Museum
Study a range of skulls and teeth - from rhinos to swordfish - and even a sabre tooth tiger to find out what they ate.
There ensues a battle between the inspectors and the De Vere children who, with the assistance of clones of Genghis Khan and a Sabre Tooth tiger, end up in the time machine and are transported back to Nazi Germany during World War Two.
TOP CLASS Sketch of Triceratops includes habitat and diet MEGA BITE His sabre tooth tiger leaping on prey MEGA BITE His sabre tooth tiger leaping on prey TALENT Joshua Murray with some of his drawings
Joining them is Diego, a sabre tooth tiger, who decides to play along as a rescuer but is really planning to lead them to his evil compadres.
A mother trying to escape a pack of sabre tooth tigers manages to leave her baby on safe ground just before she's swept away to her doom in a river.
The Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger are to play a Liverpool gig at the Kazimier.
These ancient cats would have lived in an environment that was more like an icy tundra and would have shared their habitat with herds of other large animals such as mammoth, woolly rhino, sabre tooth tigers and giant deer.
In between carving elaborate sabre tooth tigers, totems and other commissioned pieces, he also creates headstones for people and animals, and carves tables too.
Hedgehogs have been around for 15 million years, meaning they predate sabre tooth tigers.