Sacrifice hit

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(Baseball) in batting, a hit of such a kind that the batter loses his chance of tallying, but enables one or more who are on bases to get home or gain a base.

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Although officially second in sacrifice hits in 1908, the White Sox probably led the league in sacrifice bunts that year too; that year, sacrifice flies were added to the total for sacrifice hits, and Cleveland--overall league leader--had a much better offense and probably had far more sacrifice flies.
She still holds the Bengals' record for sacrifice hits in a season with 22 and is third all-time in career triples.
We must also look at the possibility that there was something about the way that the Cardinals played that assisted Smith in scoring, such as an unusual number of sacrifice hits to advance him.
Total appearances at the plate shall include official times at bat, plus bases on balls, times hit by pitcher, sacrifice hits, sacrifice flies and times awarded first base because of interference or obstruction.
Sacrificial record: Freshman shortstop Tayler Wilson broke the school softball record for sacrifice hits in a season.
The problem with batting average, though, is that the denominator, official at-bats, excludes walks, hit-by-pitch situations and sacrifice hits.
What must have happened is the official scorer entered the sacrifice hits for both Grady and Gilbert (as shown in the box scores) in the column for home runs and, when checking all of the categories shown in the box score, also entered one sacrifice hit for both Grady and Gilbert.
The Angels have built their success on moving runners over with ground balls and bunts, but had no sacrifice hits in Game 1.
Figure 7 displays the mean number of sacrifice hits per game per team for both leagues.
306) among active players, but he is also fourth in sacrifice hits (127) and takes almost as much pride in that aspect of his game.