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sacrist, sacristan

an official or cleric appointed curator of the vestments, sacred vessels, and relies of a religious body, church, or cathedral.
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The Rev David Sudron, sacrist at Durham Cathedral, said: "We are thrilled with the crozier Wilf is so kindly giving to the cathedral.
At Durham, accounting material survives from the offices of the bursar, terrar, cellarer, almoner, chamberlain, communar, feretrar, hostillar, infirmarer, and sacrist, as well as accounts from the manors owned by the priory; accounts for livestock and mines; accounts from proctors responsible for the administration of the priory's possessions lying further away in Scotland, Northumberland, and Yorkshire; and, finally, accounts from the cells or dependencies of Durham Cathedral Priory, such as the priories of Coldingham and Finchale.
In the late twelfth century, the sacrist of Canterbury cathedral oversaw a duel between two peasants, disputing an accusation of theft; he hanged the vanquished party.