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Noun1.Saddam - Iraqi leader who waged war against IranSaddam - Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran; his invasion of Kuwait led to the Gulf War (born in 1937)
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Jamal said that the role he was nominated for is not to portray the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.
The late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein believed the Islamic Republic of Iran was a greater threat to his regime than the United States and wanted Tehran to believe he had nuclear weapons to deter it from attacking.
Bakr, however, was no more than a figurehead and it was clear that Saddam was de facto ruler of Iraq from 1968 until he finally assumed full powers in mid-1979.
In the bright fantasy world of cakewalks and floral greetings for liberators, Saddam Hussein's trial was meant to demonstrate the workings of an independent judiciary in Iraq's robust new democracy.
FORMER dictator Saddam Hussein saved crusts to feed to the birds while he was in prison, according to an American army nurse who helped to look after him.
EXECUTED Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was buried shortly before sunrise yesterday inside a compound in the town of his birth.
Within days of taking power, Saddam Hussein summoned about 400 top officials and announced he had uncovered a plot against the ruling party.
Islamic reaction to Saddam Hussein's execution ranged from near- jubilation to condemnation Saturday, amid concern that Saddam's supporters would view him as a martyr, possibly leading to even more violence in Iraq.
SADDAM Hussein's execution will mark the end of the life of a tyrant who will be listed in history books alongside the likes of Hitler and Stalin.
The relationship of Saddam Hussein to the development of the visual arts needs much examination and elaboration that is beyond the purpose of this essay.
The prime minister's thinking is probably best captured by a 1999 speech in Chicago about international affairs, whose importance is aptly noted by Coughlin: "If NATO were able to stop Milosevic in Kosovo, it would send a warning shot to other dictators--such as Saddam Hussein.