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 (săj′ə-sē′, săd′yə-)
A member of a priestly, aristocratic Jewish sect founded in the second century bc that accepted only the written Mosaic law and that ceased to exist after the destruction of the Temple in ad 70.

[Middle English Saducee, from Old English Sadducēas, Sadducees, from Late Latin Sadducaeī, from Greek Saddoukaioi, from Mishnaic Hebrew ṣədûqî, after ṣādôq, Zadok, high priest in the time of David and Solomon, from ṣādôq, just, righteous, from ṣādaq, to be just; see ṣdq in Semitic roots.]

Sad′du·ce′an (-sē′ən) adj.
Sad′du·cee′ism n.
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Adj.1.Sadducean - of or relating to the Sadducees
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He also insisted that Jesus was the victim of his Roman executors and his cowardly Sadducean judges.
Schiffman sees the authorship of this document as probably Sadducean and originating in the earliest days of the sect (Schiffman 1989:252), but it is recognisable that the document is composite.
The Tosefta first gives the Sadducean interpretation and then the Pharisaic proof accompanied by a rebuttal of the Sadducean argument.
s exacting analysis demonstrates the insights that can come from a careful reading of Talmudic texts and substantiates his claim that the Pharisaic innovations gradually prevailed over the outdated Sadducean interpretations and practices.