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 (sä′hĭb, -ĭb, säb)
1. Used as a form of address for a man in South Asia.
2. A European man in colonial India.
3. A male mountaineer employing Sherpas or porters in the Himalayas.

[Hindi and Urdu sāhab, master, from Arabic ṣāḥib, companion, master, participle of ṣaḥiba, to become friends; see ṣḥb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈsɑːhɪb) or


(in India) a form of address or title placed after a man's name or designation, used as a mark of respect
[C17: from Urdu, from Arabic çāhib, literally: friend]


(ˈsɑ ɪb, -ib)

(in colonial India) sir; master: a term of respect used in addressing or referring to a European.
[1690–1700; < Urdu < Arabic ṣāḥib master, literally, friend]
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Noun1.sahib - formerly a term of respect for important white Europeans in colonial India; used after the name
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
memsahib - a woman sahib


[ˈsɑːhɪb] N (India)
1.señor m
Smith Sahib(el) señor Smith
2. (hum) → caballero m
pukka sahibcaballero m de verdad


nSahib m


[ˈsɑːhɪb] nsahib m inv
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