Saint Brigid

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Noun1.Saint Brigid - Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
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A Life of Saint Brigid would not be possible, says Kissane, because there is not nearly enough reliable evidence from which to construct one.
Contract notice: Drafting of the general plan of supplementary ordination of Saint Brigid.
Brigid and the Butter: a Legend about Saint Brigid of Ireland
Geraldine Downing Anglum I prayed to Saint Joseph, Saint Ann, Saint Joachim, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Gerard, and Saint Brigid to intercede for healthy grandchildren.
Due to weather she will be laid to rest with her husband Felix at Saint Brigid Cemetery in Millbury at a later time.
Plant De Caen and Saint Brigid anemones for flowering in summer ?
Plant a row of De Caen and Saint Brigid anemones for summer vase cuttings.
Meyer and illustrated by Zachary Lynch, "The Life of Saint Brigid" is a paperback children's book about the life and legend of Celtic Saint Brigid of ancient Ireland.
Celtic Saint Brigid (457-525) was said to have kept 18 churches in beer from just one barrel, and as an act of compassion turned the bath water of lepers into cool, refreshing ale.
on Saturday, April 27, in Saint Brigid Catholic Church, 59 Main St.
EASY PLANT De Caen and Saint Brigid anenomes (right) for flowers in the summer.