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 (săl′ə-dĭn) Full name Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn-Ayyub. 1137?-1193.
Sultan of Egypt and Syria who captured (1187) Jerusalem and defended it during the Third Crusade (1189-1192).


(Biography) Arabic name Salah-ed-Din Yusuf ibn-Ayyub. ?1137–93, sultan of Egypt and Syria and opponent of the Crusaders. He defeated the Christians near Tiberias (1187) and captured Acre, Jerusalem, and Ashkelon. He fought against Richard I of England and Philip II of France during the Third Crusade (1189–92)


(ˈsæl ə dɪn)

(Salāh-ed-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb) 1137–93, sultan of Egypt and Syria 1175–93.
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Noun1.Saladin - sultan of Syria and EgyptSaladin - sultan of Syria and Egypt; reconquered Jerusalem from the Christians in 1187 but was defeated by Richard Coeur de Lion in 1191 (1137-1193)
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I have little of importance to say, lady,'' answered Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, ``excepting the confirmed tidings of a truce with Saladin.
He had been on crusades, had fought the courteous Saladin, had been in prison, and often in peril.
Here the peerless Saladin met the Christian host some seven hundred years ago, and broke their power in Palestine for all time to come.
Sunset found Saladin Lord of Palestine, the Christian chivalry strewn in heaps upon the field, and the King of Jerusalem, the Grand Master of the Templars, and Raynauld of Chatillon, captives in the Sultan's tent.
The famous gentlemen of Asia and Europe have been of this strong type; Saladin, Sapor, the Cid, Julius Caesar, Scipio, Alexander, Pericles, and the lordliest personages.
I can tell you about Richard Coeur-de-Lion and Saladin, and about William Wallace and Robert Bruce and James Douglas,--I know no end.
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