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n. pl. Salafi or Sa·la·fis
An adherent of Salafism; a Salafist.
Of or relating to Salafism.

[Arabic salafī, of the forebears, of the predecessors, from salaf, forebears, predecessors; see šlp in Semitic roots.]
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Saudi officials have started suspicious moves at the Eastern borders of Yemen near Oman to establish a Salafi region, a Lebanese daily revealed on Monday.
The Salafi spectrum ranges from those who abstain from politics and violence, known as quietists, (9) to those such as the Egyptian al Nour party who pursue political power to effect change, known as political Salafis, to those who justify violence for such purposes, the Salafi-jihadis.
This view depicts Salafi women as the hapless victims of a fanatical version of Islam.
Fourteen Salafi leaders were acquitted by the Cairo Criminal Court on Sunday, after their preventative detention period had expired.
Synopsis: The Salafi movement or Salafist movement is an ultra-conservative reform movement within Sunni Islam that references the doctrine known as Salafism.
Kirkuk / NINA / A security source in Hawija west of Kirkuk said today that the elements of Daash carried out a wide arrest campaign against moderate Salafi men.
22) Salafi-jihadis have scored further points against Hamas through online campaigns showing solidarity with Salafi prisoners held in confinement in Hamas jails.
It was the third time Israel had staged retaliatory airstrikes on the war-torn Gaza Strip in the past fortnight after three instances of rocket fire, all of which were claimed by Salafi extremists loosely allied with ISIS.
AN article in the Birmingham Mail mentioned that "the Abu Bakr Trust adheres to the strict Salafi version of Islam and also runs a mosque and schools in Walsall.
AMMAN, Feb 5 (KUNA) -- A court in Jordan decided on Thursday to acquit Salafi leader Isam Al-Barqawi, better known as Abu Mohammad Al-Maqdesi, after having served a three-month prison sentence on allegations of inciting to rebel against the monarchy.
31 --Prominent Salafi cleric Mohammad Al-Wadei was reportedly released on Tuesday after having been kidnapped on Saturday evening in Sana'a.
30 (Saba) - More than 300 foreign students, out of 400 students studying in the al-Fayoush Salafi Center, have been deported to their countries so far, Lahj governor has said.