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 (sä-läm′), Abdus 1926-1996.
Pakistani theoretical physicist who shared a 1979 Nobel Prize for helping to develop the theory of the electroweak force, unifying two of the four fundamental forces of nature, the electromagnetic force and the weak force.
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As his daughter I picked up a lot of this thinking from him and applied it to my work and thinking," Salam said.
Present on the occasion were Mall of Qatar officials Shem Krey, managing director, and Rony Mourani, general manager, as well as AbdulSalam Abu-Issa, deputy chief operating officer of Salam International Investment Ltd.
Salam Technology will be responsible to provide Huawei's range of servers, storage, unified communications and data centre facilities through its wide network in Qatar.
Salam proved the fact that one can realize his dream by hard work and strong commitment, no matter what hurdles comes in his way.
The management is preparing for the opening of the Gloria Al Salam hotel in Sharjah by the end of December, which has 165 rooms and suites, and Gloria Al Salam in the Buraimi area in Oman.
Salam won almost unanimous support to head a new government, as LBCI television reported that he garnered 124 votes from 128 lawmakers to assume the position.
The diversions and temporary closure of U-turns are required as part of the next phase in completing the pavement works under Al Salam Street Upgrading Project.
In order to enjoy the privileges of holiday offers with Kanoo Travel Agency, Al Salam card holders must present it at the Kanoo office when booking their holidays or making travel arrangements.
This acquisition complements the business model of ASBB and fits with its intention to expand its retail and commercial banking presence in Bahrain,' Al Salam Bank chief executive Yousif Taqi said in a statement on the Dubai Financial Market.
DFM is the first market in which Al Salam Bank-Bahrain has listed its shares outside Bahrain.
Salam played not in their own lives but also in the lives of several hundred young scientists and researchers belonging to Pakistan.
They said Prof Dr Salam played an important role in development of scientific and technical human resource of PAEC when the institution was in the nascent stage.