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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of Amphibia including the Salamanders and allied groups; the Urodela.
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Thus, here, we also test the hypothesis that male urogenital duct anatomy will support a more traditional salamander phylogeny with a monophyletic Salamandroidea over a more controversial phylogeny with a paraphyletic Salamandroidea.
2005) and Struck (2007) were chosen to generalize a comparison between topologies recovering a monophyletic or paraphyletic Salamandroidea (i.
Collecting ducts that do not communicate along the length of the Wolffian ducts adjacent to the pelvic kidneys (character 1, state 1) evolved either once on the branch leading to all salamanders, excluding the Sirenidae (with secondary loss in the Proteidae; character 1, state 0), or evolved independently on the branches leading to the Cryptobranchidae + Hynobiidae and the Salamandroidea excluding the Proteidae.