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Sal·a·mis 1

 (săl′ə-mĭs, sä′lä-mēs′)
An island of Greece in the Saronic Gulf east of Athens. In an important naval battle off the island's northeast coast the Greeks, led by Themistocles, defeated the Persian fleet in 480 bc.

Sal·a·mis 2

 (săl′ə-mĭs, sä′lä-mēs′)
An ancient city of eastern Cyprus. According to tradition, it was founded c. 1180 bc by Teucer, a hero of the Trojan War, and was visited by Saint Paul during his first missionary journey. The city was abandoned after ad 648.


(Placename) an island in the Saronic Gulf, Greece: scene of the naval battle in 480 bc, in which the Greeks defeated the Persians. Pop (municipality): 28 423 (2001). Area: 95 sq km (37 sq miles). Modern Greek name: Salamina


(ˈsæl ə mɪs, ˌsɑ lɑˈmis)

1. an island off the SE coast of Greece, W of Athens, in the Gulf of Aegina; 39 sq. mi. (101 sq. km).
2. an ancient city on Cyprus, in the E Mediterranean: the apostle Paul made his first missionary journey to Salamis. Acts 13:5.
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From Salamis to Actium, through Lepanto and the Nile to the naval massacre of Navarino, not to mention other armed encounters of lesser interest, all the blood heroically spilt into the Mediterranean has not stained with a single trail of purple the deep azure of its classic waters.
It is very probable that, had the Battle of Salamis never been fought, the face of the world would have been much as we behold it now, fashioned by the mediocre inspiration and the short-sighted labours of men.
For as the sea-fight at Salamis and the battle with the Carthaginians in Sicily took place at the same time, but did not tend to any one result, so in the sequence of events, one thing sometimes follows another, and yet no single result is thereby produced.
A government may be changed either into an oligarchy, democracy, or a free state; when the magistrates, or any part of the city acquire great credit, or are increased in power, as the court of Areopagus at Athens, having procured great credit during the Median war, added firmness to their administration; and, on the other hand, the maritime force, composed of the commonalty, having gained the victory at Salamis, by their power at sea, got the lead in the state, and strengthened the popular party: and at Argos, the nobles, having gained great credit by the battle of Mantinea against the Lacedaemonians, endeavoured to dissolve the democracy.
We can only guess why the great design was abandoned; perhaps because Plato became sensible of some incongruity in a fictitious history, or because he had lost his interest in it, or because advancing years forbade the completion of it; and we may please ourselves with the fancy that had this imaginary narrative ever been finished, we should have found Plato himself sympathizing with the struggle for Hellenic independence, singing a hymn of triumph over Marathon and Salamis, perhaps making the reflection of Herodotus where he contemplates the growth of the Athenian empire--"How brave a thing is freedom of speech, which has made the Athenians so far exceed every other state of Hellas in greatness
After tarrying here awhile, the Bay of Salamis will be crossed, and a day given to Corinth, whence the voyage will be continued to Constantinople, passing on the way through the Grecian Archipelago, the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmora, and the mouth of the Golden Horn, and arriving in about forty-eight hours from Athens.
Perkins was showing him a picture of Salamis, and with his finger, a finger of which the nail had a little black edge to it, was pointing out how the Greek ships were placed and how the Persian.
For the strong arm of that oppressive power did not frighten me into doing wrong; and when we came out of the rotunda the other four went to Salamis and fetched Leon, but I went quietly home.
Ajax brought twelve ships from Salamis, and stationed them alongside those of the Athenians.
The Stockton side won the FA Sunday Cup final the hard way by beating New Salamis in a penalty shootout at Sheffield United's Bramall Lane stadium.
Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides has initiated a probe into whether lawful procedures were followed for last week's staging of a performance at the ancient Salamis theatre in northern Cyprus.
The North Tyneside training specialist has signed the deal with industrial lifecycle support services partner Bilfinger Salamis UK to operate and manage its Aberdeen Skills Centre.