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also Sa·la·do del Nor·te  (sə-lä′dō dĕl nôr′tĕ, sä-)
A river of northern Argentina rising in the Andes and flowing about 2,010 km (1,250 mi) southeast to the Paraná River.


(Spanish saˈlaðo)
1. (Placename) a river in N Argentina, rising in the Andes as the Juramento and flowing southeast to the Paraná River. Length: 2012 km (1250 miles)
2. (Placename) a river in W Argentina, rising near the Chilean border as the Desaguadero and flowing south to the Colorado River. Length: about 1365 km (850 miles)


(səˈlɑ doʊ)

Rí•o (ˈri oʊ) a river in N Argentina, flowing SE to the Paraná River. ab. 1200 mi. (1930 km) long.
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Walter Weinig, Pure Energys Vice President of Projects and Permitting, commented We are excited to begin the first deep drilling and sampling program on the TC properties in the heart of Salar de Pocitos.
Speaking to the media, Maharuddin Salar, who lost his five-year-old son, said, 'The boat had the capacity of 20 people but they loaded it with 100 people and it capsized'.
Following the transaction, LSC's land package on the Salar de Salinas Grandes will total nearly 38,000 hectares and represent more than 50% of the salar surface.
Following the transaction, LSC's land packa on the Salar de Salinas Grandes in Jujuy Province will increase by 2,595 hectares, totalling 37,910 hectares and representing over 50% of the salar surface of Salinas Grandes, Jujuy Province.
Stretching out for more than 8,000 square kilometers (3,100 square miles), Salar was formed after several lakes that had occupied the area over 12,000 years ago, dried up.
Orocobre Limited (ORE:ASX, ORL:TSX), a company that is building an Argentinian-based industrial chemicals and minerals operation, is commencing Phase One drilling early next week at its flagship lithium property, located in the Cauchari Salar of Jujuy province in NW Argentina.
NCC AB (STO:NCCA) announced today that it is one of two construction companies that has qualified as a supplier in the second part of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions' (SALAR) major housing procurement and is eligible to sign a framework agreement with SALAR.
The tehsil Gagra Nazim Syed Salar Jehan told media this festival will be mile stone in promotion of tourism adding almost all of recreations like tent city facility, kid's corner, food corner, different games and different items stalls as well.
It emerged at the weekend that Mr Salar, a parliamentary assistant to the Labour candidate, had also referred to "faggots" and "hoes" in tweets sent in 2012 before he worked for Mr Khan.
Salar Aghili, who can been seen unblurred in the accompanying photo, was threatened with censorship recently.
O fato de ser um mineral que se concentra em regiao de salares faz com que paises como Bolivia, com o Salar de Uyuni, Chile, com o Salar de Atacama, e Argentina, com o Salar del Hombre Muerto, estejam situados entre os maiores detentores mundiais de reservas deste recurso, formando o chamado "triangulo do litio", apresentando entre 71% e 92% das reservas mundiais (BRUCKMANN, 2011, p.
Eleven stories were written in Persian and translated by Salar Abdoh (two were written originally in English), making the book one of the "75 Notable Translations" picked by World Literature Today for 2014.