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 (săl′kən-tī′, säl′kän-)
A peak, 6,271 m (20,574 ft) high, of the Cordillera Oriental in southern Peru. Salcantay was revered as a deity by the ancient Inca.
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750 m y, al sur, por la segunda montana mas alta de la region: el Salcantay, de 6.
Los altos picos nevados de Salcantay y Huamantay forman parte del batolito de Machu Picchu.
While doing unguided preparation for an ecotourism field school on the Salcantay Trail to Machu Picchu, my colleague Elena Carabajal and I literally stumbled onto their homestead with a torrential rainstorm on our heels.
Mollepata is the start of the Salcantay Trail, which is being recognized as the overflow trail into Machu Picchu (the primary trek is the iconic Inca Trail).
He returned in 2006 to the slopes of Nevado Salcantay, a 20,000-foot-plus peak that is the highest in the Cordillera Vilcabamba range.
Alan Cummings, was driving due south when Salcantay, a 30-foot craft bobbing dead in the water three miles to the east, hailed him over VHF radio in insistent Spanish.
Local agents offer various routes, ranging from two-day jungle treks at lower altitude to the five day Salcantay trail.
I made the choice to live in Peru because of the Latin culture, the heritage of the Incas, the cost of living and because I was enraptured by a beautiful valley in front of a towering mountain named Salcantay (21,800').
The snow-capped Mount Salcantay can be glimpsed in the distance
While Francisco played his Andean flute in the cloud forest beneath the icy pyramid of 20,000-foot Salcantay, I imagined his Inca ancestors standing on that spot, when the trail was the ``royal highway'' to the sacred town.