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A city of northern California east-northeast of Monterey on the Salinas River, about 240 km (150 mi) long, near its outlet on Monterey Bay. Settled in 1856, it is the birthplace of John Steinbeck, who based many of his stories on the migratory farm workers of the Salinas Valley.


(səˈli nəs)

a city in W California. 111,757.
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The season for working the salinas forms the harvest of Patagones; for on it the prosperity of the place depends.
The Gauchos call the former the "Padre del sal," and the latter the "Madre;" they state that these progenitive salts always occur on the borders of the salinas, when the water begins to evaporate.
This phenomenon is quite different from that of the salinas, and more extraordinary.
Go down by San Jose and Salinas an' come out on the coast at Monterey.
Rommel Dorango Salinas, secretary of the CPP, was arrested in May 2017 in Ozamiz City for arson, murder, frustrated murder, attempted murder, and robbery.
Sincerely, I don't think you are on the podium of the best in history, as there are quite a few who'd surpass you," Salinas tweeted on Saturday.
Landscapes of Social Transformation in the Salinas Province and the Eastern Pueblo World
Even before they got engaged, Jennifer Salinas and Shelly Vincent were going to fight-except this was no lovers' quarrel.
The National Steinbeck Centers annual celebration of zines, comic books, and pop culture, Salinas Valley Comic Con, returns December 16-18 at the Hartnell College Student Center.
The Scholarship Awards Ceremony Luncheon will take place on July 29, 2016 at the Growers Pub - 227 Monterey Street, Salinas, CA 93901.
Project also provides for replacement of existing old style hydrants in Alco Water service areas within the City of Salinas with the current city fire hydrant specified.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 7, 2015-US Hospital Operator Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Buys California's PrimeCare