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tr.v. sal·i·nat·ed, sal·i·nat·ing, sal·i·nates
To increase the concentration of salt in: agricultural fields whose soil had been salinated by overirrigation.

sal′i·na′tion n.
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The fields have become unusable for agriculture due to salination.
International Symposium on Techniques to Control Salination for Horticultural Productivity 573, Antalya, Turkey.
Soil salination from landfill leachates: Effects on the macronutrient content and plant growth of four grassland species.
The country's ground water reservoirs also suffer from depletion and salination as seepage occurs from the peninsula's surrounding seawater.
c) This category encompasses water-borne infections causing diarrheal illness, as well as typhoid fever, and also includes problems such as sea-level rise-induced salination of potable water supplies.
In Southeast Asia, drought and salination caused by harsh weather and alleged water storage at dozens of upstream dams on the Mekong River bankrupted about 1.
The world's fertile farmland is under threat from erosion, salination and desertification.
Under the deal, Taqa's 50 per cent ownership interest in Lakefield would be sold for an unspecified amount to Nebras Power, a Qatari firm involved in power generation and water salination projects.
Our soil also suffers from salination, contamination with harmful substances, compaction, building activity and mining," Miehlich told DW.
In practical terms, soils are in danger because of : 1) continuing conversion of farmlands and forests into human settlements and industrial parks, 2) unbridled deforestation and erosion, and 3) unsustainable agricultural practices leading to erosion, acidification, salination, pollution, and soil mining (exhaustion of soil minerals without replenishment).
It is thus likely that within a century Planasia's land will become subject to increased soil salination and will be largely submerged.
After all, deforestation, soil salination, and so forth resulted especially from intensive agriculture-ie.