Salisbury Plain

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Salisbury Plain

(Placename) an open chalk plateau in S England, in Wiltshire: site of Stonehenge; military training area. Average height: 120 m (400 ft)

Salis′bury Plain′

a plateau in S England, N of Salisbury: the site of Stonehenge.
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If two strangers crossing the Pine Barrens in New York State, or the equally desolate Salisbury Plain in England; if casually encountering each other in such inhospitable wilds, these twain, for the life of them, cannot well avoid a mutual salutation; and stopping for a moment to interchange the news; and, perhaps, sitting down for a while and resting in concert: then, how much more natural that upon the illimitable Pine Barrens and Salisbury Plains of the sea, two whaling vessels descrying each other at the ends of the earth --off lone Fanning's Island, or the far away King's Mills; how much more natural, I say, that under such circumstances these ships should not only interchange hails, but come into still closer, more friendly and sociable contact.
The valley of the Avon--invisible, but far to the north the trained eye may see Clearbury Ring that guards it, and the imagination may leap beyond that on to Salisbury Plain itself, and beyond the Plain to all the glorious downs of Central England.
Alongside this development, over 1 billion has been invested in Salisbury Plain to accommodate the 4,000 troops and their families returning from Germany by 2019.
1916: A military funeral was held at Lindley Zion United Methodist Church for Pte Willie Bray, of 14 Lidget Street in Lindley, who died from thrombosis in a hospital on Salisbury Plain.
En route to France, the Battalion camped at Salisbury Plain, before going to France in January 1916.
While at Salisbury Plain, a memento came into the possession of our family with his details written, presumably in his hand, inside.
It allows users the sensation of being part of a live-firing exercise on Salisbury Plain, and gives a sense of what it is like to be a loader/operator on a Challenger 2 tank.
They were among 11 people taken to hospital after the off-road crash on Salisbury Plain, near Westdown Camp, Wilts.
A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a woman's parachute failed to deploy during a skydive above Salisbury Plain, leaving her to plummet 4,000 feet to the ground.
Six thousand men left from Prescot station on April 30, 1915, first for Grantham, then on to Salisbury Plain in September, and finally sailing from Folkestone to fight in Europe on November 7.
Any extended tour of Great Britain must include a trip to Stonehenge, the ancient and awe-inspiring site on Salisbury Plain some 85 miles west of London.
Salisbury Plain lies on a bed of chalk that stretches from Norfolk to Dorset, created from the remains of sea creatures that drifted to the bottom of warm, shallow seas during the Cretaceous Period (65-90 million years ago).

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