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Noun1.Salmonidae - salmon and troutSalmonidae - salmon and trout      
fish family - any of various families of fish
Isospondyli, order Isospondyli - most primitive teleost fishes; all are soft-finned: salmon; trout; herring; shad; sardines; anchovies; whitefish; smelts; tarpon
salmonid - soft-finned fishes of cold and temperate waters
salmon - any of various large food and game fishes of northern waters; usually migrate from salt to fresh water to spawn
genus Salmo, Salmo - type genus of the Salmonidae: salmon and trout
genus Oncorhynchus, Oncorhynchus - Pacific salmon including sockeye salmon; chinook salmon; chum salmon; coho salmon
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Salmon is the generic name given to the fish in the specie salmoniformes.
Four fish orders, namely the Scorpaeniformes, Salmoniformes, Gadiformes, and Perciformes, accounted for 88.
The majority of differential gene expression studies in fish species, through the use of DD, are restricted to North American and European species, or to commercial fishes, as Salmoniformes, which claim to generate important results to fish farming (Parrington and Coward, 2002).
natives fishes and trasplanted presents of the department of Caldas Orden / Familias / # Especies / Orders Families # Species Osteoglossiformes Osteoglossidae 2 Chara ciform es Prochilodontidae 1 Chara cidae 7 Siluriformes Loricariidae 2 Pimelodidae 1 Salmoniformes Salmonidae 2 Cypriniformes Cyprinidae 12 Atheriniformes Melanotaeniidae 4 Cyprinodentiformes Poeciliidae 8 Perciformes Symphysanodontidae 1 Centra rchidae 1 Cichlidae 24 Osphronemidae 7 Total 13 72 Tabla 2.
Todos los ordenes tiene un porcentaje mayor de 25% de especies en riesgo y mas de 30% de especies endemicas en riesgo; sobresalen los Cypriniformes y Salmoniformes con mas del 60% de especies en riesgo.