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 (sə-lō′mē, săl′ə-mā′)
In the New Testament, the daughter of Herodias and stepdaughter of Herod Antipas. After she danced for her stepfather, he granted her request to have John the Baptist killed and his head presented to her on a platter.


(Bible) New Testament the daughter of Herodias, at whose instigation she beguiled Herod by her seductive dancing into giving her the head of John the Baptist


or Sa•lo•mé

(səˈloʊ mi)

1. the daughter of Herodias, who danced for Herod Antipas and was granted the head of John the Baptist.
2. (italics) a one-act opera (1905) by Richard Strauss based on a drama by Oscar Wilde.
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Noun1.Salome - woman whose dancing beguiled Herod into giving her the head of John the BaptistSalome - woman whose dancing beguiled Herod into giving her the head of John the Baptist


[səˈləʊmɪ] NSalomé
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It was a pleasing sight to see him, poised on one foot in the attitude of a Salome dancer, with one eye on the man with the ball, the other gazing coldly on the rest of the opposition forward line, uncurl abruptly like the main-spring of a watch and stop a hot one.
Our second guest is Alan Robert Ginsberg, author of The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzia Yezierska, Sonya Levien, and Jetta Goudal, which tells the story of the four Jewish women behind the novel and subsequent 1925 film Salome of the Tenements.
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Ongata Rongai OCPD Silas Ringera said on Thursday that Salome died on Wednesday evening.
Classes were suspended in provinces in Southern Luzon for the second day on Friday as Salome crossed these regions.
Como expressao direta e seminal dessa tendencia filosofico-cultural, destaca-se a peca de teatro Salome, de Oscar Wilde.
But in this ungainly and inept production by the Royal Shakespeare Company Salome has been trashed
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En la pieza dirigida por Atanasio Cadena, Herodes, Juan, Herodias y la propia Salome se materializaran y enfrentaran su propia tragedia y presenciaran la decadencia del poder.
The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzio Yezierska, Sonya Levin, and Jetta Goudal.