Salt pit

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a pit where salt is obtained or made.

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Al-Masri was flown to the Salt Pit, where he was subjected to abusive interrogation tactics and held for months until his captors turned him loose on an Albanian road in April 2004.
Q: It's said that many of the most gruesome and shocking incidents recounted in the Senate's report took place in the Cobalt prison, known to the Americans as the Salt Pit or Dark Prison.
Held at the Salt Pit for four months, el-Masri was never charged, brought before a judge, or given access to his family or German government representatives.
One of the cases involved was the death of an Afghan, Gul Rahman, who was being held at a CIA facility known as the Salt Pit in Afghanistan in 2002, when he was allegedly doused with water and left out in frigid overnight weather to die, while the second involved an Iraqi, Maadel al-Jamadi, who was apprehended by U.
On August 3 there will be a visit to Hilbre Island to understand how the salt pit community lived.