Salt spring

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a spring of salt water.

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This is furnished by numerous salt springs of limpid water, which are continually welling up, overflowing their borders, and forming beautiful crystallizations.
Sometimes we saw hundreds in a drove, and the numbers about the salt springs were amazing.
I now began to meditate an escape, and carefully avoided their suspicions, continuing with them at Old Chelicothe until the first day of June following, and then was taken by them to the salt springs on Sciotha, and kept there, making salt, ten days.
The Spicy Lobster Spaghettini came with roasted tomato, fresno chilies and salt spring mussels.
For this study, Kordas, who is now a research fellow at Imperial College London, and her colleagues created mini-marine ecosystems on the shore of Ruckle Park on British Columbias Salt Spring Island.
The team created mini-marine ecosystems on the shore of Ruckle Park on British Columbia's Salt Spring Island.
During 2014-2016 we conducted bat acoustic surveys in Canada on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, sampling 1342 detector-nights.
Possibly the final big kingfish bash will be April 2830 when the 22nd Annual Old Salt Spring King of the Beach Tournament is run.
was criticized again when a home was partially constructed on top of an ancestral cemetery on Salt Spring Island.
On the phone, talking from Toronto and Salt Spring Island respectively.
and Gillian (Darters) and Gilbert Mouat of Salt Spring, B.