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 (säl′tə, -tä)
A city of northwest Argentina north-northwest of Córdoba. Founded in 1582, it is a processing and shipping center in an agricultural region.


(Spanish ˈsalta)
(Placename) a city in NW Argentina: thermal springs. Pop: 504 000 (2005 est)


(ˈsɑl tə)

a city in NW Argentina. 370,904.
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From their account they must have come from Salta, a distance in a straight line of nearly one thousand miles.
The Province of Salta (the province) has expressed its intention to place debt (the new notes) in the local and international capital market to finance infrastructure projects and public works in the northern region of the province.
2 Two Provinciates Emergency Committees created and / or strengthened and operating in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy.
England beat Argentina 13-9 in the pool stages of the Rugby World Cup but lost 24-22 on their last visit to Salta.
This project has been subsidized by the Consejo de Investigacion de la Universidad Nacional de Salta.
The License covers an area of approximately 5,259 square kilometers and is located in the Northwest Cretaceous Metan Basin surrounding the capital city of Salta situated approximately 1700 km Northwest of Buenos Aires.
Issa indicated to the remarkable achievements of the Syrian expatriates in Argentina in various economic fields, pointing out that the Syrian expatriates in Salta play an effective role in the development and progress of the Province.
Salta is famous of its agricultural potentials, especially the production
The team will leave for Madrid on November 23 for a one- week training- cum- competition tour en- route to Salta.
But we did well in Salta and finished the tour playing very well against the French Barbarians.
DENV-2 was isolated for the first time in the country during an outbreak that affected only the Salta Province in 1998 (3).