Salton Sea

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Sal·ton Sea

A saline lake of southeast California in the Imperial Valley region of the Colorado Desert. It was a salt-covered depression known as the Salton Sink until 1905, when flood waters of the Colorado River formed the lake.

Sal′ton Sea′

(ˈsɔl tn)
a shallow saline lake in S California, in the Imperial Valley, formed by the diversion of water from the Colorado River into a salt-covered depression (Sal′ton Sink′). 236 ft. (72 m) below sea level.
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Noun1.Salton Sea - a saltwater lake in southeastern CaliforniaSalton Sea - a saltwater lake in southeastern California
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
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Tenders are invited for Salton Sea SRA Refuse Service
But IID's challenge of the QSA at this juncture is unreasonable as restoration of the Salton Sea was never part of the QSA.
They're on the wing again, all those cedar waxwings and yellow-rumped warblers following the great Pacific Flyway south to the Salton Sea and Mexico.
In southern California, marshes around the Salton Sea also expanded and became available.
Today, flooding from the nearby Salton Sea has left the community a near ghost town with a population of just 295.
Thus, although originally occurring throughout the lower colorado and Gila river drainages of Arizona, California, and northern Mexico, the desert pupfish is now present mostly as small isolated populations around the salton sea and in the colorado River delta (Moyle, 2002).
Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center in Massachusetts, and his colleagues mapped out several faults beneath California's Salton Sea, which sits at the southern tip of the San Andreas fault.
We investigated the prevalence of West Nile virus (WNV)-neutralizing antibodies and infectious virus, and the occurrence of overwinter transmission in two raptor species during January and March 2006 at the Salton Sea, Imperial County, California.
The power plant is near the Salton Sea, which sits on top of the San Andreas fault, an environment that creates geothermal waters rich in lithium.
The artist included a selection of materials from his research into Utrecht's canal system, but focused primarily on a second instance of a landscape intervention made to control and engineer water flow: Slab City, a derelict desert camp located near California's controversial Salton Sea.
As we approached the Salton Sea, I made a radio call on the flight-service frequency that we'd be crossing the Sea at 500 feet.