Crocodylus porosus

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Noun1.Crocodylus porosus - estuarine crocodile of eastern Asia and Pacific islandsCrocodylus porosus - estuarine crocodile of eastern Asia and Pacific islands
crocodile - large voracious aquatic reptile having a long snout with massive jaws and sharp teeth and a body covered with bony plates; of sluggish tropical waters
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Herpatologist Ms McGeorge said: ``It would take a saltwater crocodile several months to digest a whole person so it would be unlikely that he was circling the base of the tree with a view to eating the victim's two friends as well.
Dubai: A smuggled saltwater crocodile seized by officials is getting along with Larry, the Nile crocodile rescued by Gulf News from traffickers, at Dubai Zoo.
A saltwater crocodile suddenly snatched Mr Cole while he was swimming across a muddy river.
He was surprised by the two-metre-long saltwater crocodile, which grabbed his head and began a death roll - a terrifying ploy used to drown prey.
Philippine: Saltwater crocodile weighing more than a tonne and suspected of killing two people in the Philippines has been declared the largest such reptile in captivity by the Guinness Book of World Records.
The saltwater crocodile had been lurking in the paved area of the pool when swimming club members arrived for training.
A 56-year-old man has became the second diver to be killed by a saltwater crocodile off the northern Australian coast in five days, police said.
5ft saltwater crocodile yesterday near where Brett Mann was snatched from a river on December 21.
The last fatal crocodile attack in the Northern Territory was in December 2012, when a nine-year-old boy was seized by a saltwater crocodile near the small town of Dhania.
Extraordinary pictures of the colossal saltwater crocodile have been taken after it was caught alive by villagers in the southern Philippines and has since become an Internet sensation.
Malaysia: Wildlife researchers in Malaysia are to track a saltwater crocodile by satellite, they said Wednesday, in a bid to find out why nearly 40 people have been attacked on Borneo island over a decade.
Lurking in river or sea, the man-eating saltwater crocodile waits with beady eyes for its unsuspecting prey.