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1. A member of the Salvation Army.
2. salvationist One who preaches salvation; an evangelist.


1. (Protestantism) a member of an evangelical sect emphasizing the doctrine of salvation
2. (Protestantism) (often capital) a member of the Salvation Army
3. (Protestantism) stressing the doctrine of salvation
4. (Protestantism) (often capital) of or relating to the Salvation Army
salˈvationism n


(sælˈveɪ ʃə nɪst)

1. a member of the Salvation Army.
2. (l.c.) a person who preaches salvation.


[sælˈveɪʃnɪst] Nmiembro mf del Ejército de Salvación


nHeilsprediger(in) m(f); (also Salvationist: = of Salvation Army) → Angehörige(r) mfder Heilsarmee


Salvationist [sælˈveɪʃnɪst] nsalutista m/f
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Seven brass bands will lead more than 2,500 Salvationists in a spectacular march of witness, cheered on by more than 10,000 international members of the worldwide church and charity who have been meeting together at The O2 arena in east London.
More than 150,000 mourners passed the coffin, a congregation of 40,000 attended the memorial service at Olympia and 5,000 Salvationists marched six abreast in the funeral procession down the streets of London.
A massive event to celebrate 150 years since the start of The Salvation Army takes place in London from July 1-5 this year when Salvationists from the 126 countries in which the Army is now at work will unite to commemorate the past, celebrate what God is doing in and through The Salvation Army today, and inspire for the future.
The development and expansion of the Salvation Army may have been a collective affair, involving the sacrifices of countless male and female Salvationists in Great Britain and many other lands, but there can be little doubt that the organization's founding father was its foremost missionary.
He writes: "In addition to the 1,300 salvationists who garrisoned the city corps, the article gives prominence to the many facets of the social services including the Loveday Street hostel which was described as one of the most modern equipped of the Salvation Army social institutions, accommodating over 200 men.
Vale mayor Coun John Clifford, and Vale AM Jane Hutt joined participants at the square for Jesus dies on the cross, where the Salvationists conducted the readings and prayers.
Vale mayor John Clifford and Vale AM Jane Hutt joined participants at the square for Jesus dying on the cross, where the Salvationists conducted the readings and prayers.
There is a vast and motley range of poseurs, autocratic liberals insisting that their ideologies are the only ideal worth pursuing; the salvationists whose crusades to redeem the land is matched only by an idealism that persists in remaining untouched by realty; the progenitors of politically-correct works masquerading as the "new literature"; the postmodernist theorist and critics ensnared in the web of their own cleverness and many others.
When Nathan names Sarah Brown (Laura Pitt), a beautiful leader of the Salvationists at the Save-a-Soul Mission, as the girl he must win, the sparks begin to fly.
In other words, The Bible is God's Word and Salvationists are compelled to do what it says.