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1. An ancient Celtic feast celebrating the end of harvest and the beginning of winter, marked by bonfires and sacrifices and by the propitiation of gods who were believed to become visible and play tricks on their worshipers.
2. The period during which this feast was held, usually the evening of October 31 and the day of November 1.

[Irish Samhain, from Old Irish samain; see sem- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈsɑːwɪn; ˈsaʊeɪn; ˈsaʊɪn)
(Other Non-Christian Religions) an ancient Celtic festival held on Nov 1 to mark the beginning of winter and the beginning of a new year. It is also celebrated by modern pagans
[from Irish, from Old Irish samain]
References in classic literature ?
With measured words he told Philip what to think of Rodin, Albert Samain, and Caesar Franck.
Five seasons ago the leading owners had two of the best bumper horses in the country in Lovethehigherlaw and Samain, both ill-fated as it happens.
Louana Moulaeb is promoted to director of marketing and communications for Park Rotana and Park Arjaan, Abu Dhabi, while Haya Samain joins as assistant director.
Park Rotana and Park Arjaan Abu Dhabi have appointed Louana Moulaeb as the new director of marketing & communications and Haya Samain as assistant director of marketing & communications.
Para Samain (1998), a imagem pressupoe uma postura do olhar, uma maneira de ver e um modo de pensar, e atraves de sua analise podemos descobrir logicas e filosofias desconhecidas.
Le cast est un des points forts du film avec la revelation Rania Mellouli et un Samain qui nous laisse un peu sur notre faim.
Abi-Zadeh and Samain [2001] proposed a well-mixed model in which the entire data center is idealized as a single rack and a single cooling unit.
Spokesperson of Samain khap Sube Singh Samain on Sunday said: " Our demand for reducing the age of marriage is justified in view of the government decision.
ALBERT BARTLETT NOVICES' HURDLE 3m, Cheltenham Festival, March 2012 5 Fingal Bay, 10 Make Your Mark, 10 Boston Bob, 12 Sea Of Thunder, 12 Simonsig, 14 Samain, 16 Mount Benbulben, 20 Ongenstown Lad, 20 King's Grace, 20 Captain Sunshine, 25 bar.
Oman's Ghalib Al Samain and Ali Al Jabri were shown the red cards.
Last season she won three bumpers and she also ran well against one of the best Irish bumper horses of last season when fourth to Samain at the Curragh in April.