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Sam·son 1

In the Bible, the Israelite judge and powerful warrior who was betrayed to the Philistines by Delilah.

Sam·son 2

A man of great physical strength.

Sam·so′ni·an (săm-sō′nē-ən) adj.


1. (Bible) a judge of Israel, who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistine oppressors until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah (Judges 13–16)
2. any man of outstanding physical strength


(ˈsæm sən)

1. a judge of Israel famous for his great strength. Judges 13–16.
2. any man of extraordinary physical strength.
Sam•so′ni•an (-ˈsoʊ ni ən) adj.
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Noun1.Samson - (Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress DelilahSamson - (Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
2.Samson - a large and strong and heavyset man; "he was a bull of a man"; "a thick-skinned bruiser ready to give as good as he got"
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"


[ˈsæmsn] NSansón


n (lit)Samson m; (fig)Herkules m
References in classic literature ?
But the next time Samson had a chance, he ran away again.
His son was a strong, tall, bold man; they called him Samson, and he used to boast that he had never found a horse that could throw him.
I was thinking, sir (you will excuse the idea; it was involuntary), I was thinking of Hercules and Samson with their charmers--"
I call myself the Samson of the firewood guillotine.
She said in Court that she'd have took him single-handed (on account of what she knew concerning him), if he had been Samson.
So rose the DANITE strong HERCULEAN SAMSON from the Harlot-lap Of PHILISTEAN DALILAH, and wak'd Shorn of his strength, They destitute and bare Of all thir vertue: silent, and in face Confounded long they sate, as struck'n mute, Till ADAM, though not less then EVE abasht, At length gave utterance to these words constraind.
That knight whom thou seest yonder in yellow armour, who bears upon his shield a lion crowned crouching at the feet of a damsel, is the valiant Laurcalco, lord of the Silver Bridge; that one in armour with flowers of gold, who bears on his shield three crowns argent on an azure field, is the dreaded Micocolembo, grand duke of Quirocia; that other of gigantic frame, on his right hand, is the ever dauntless Brandabarbaran de Boliche, lord of the three Arabias, who for armour wears that serpent skin, and has for shield a gate which, according to tradition, is one of those of the temple that Samson brought to the ground when by his death he revenged himself upon his enemies.
It was only as I clambered among the ruins that I saw, with a start, this mechanical Samson lying, with its tentacles bent and smashed and twisted, among the ruins it had made.
de Treville felt himself something like Samson before the Philistines.
I can feel just as the people in the book do, and find myself in positions precisely similar to those of, say, the character Samson Virin.
The first day he broke all the doors in with a single push of his shoulder; and I expected to see him leave Rueil in the same way as Samson left Gaza.
Look out, Samson," cried Flambeau; "why, you've cut off the tulip's head.