San Angelo

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San An·ge·lo

 (săn ăn′jə-lō′)
A city of west-central Texas south-southwest of Abilene. A notorious frontier town in the 1870s, it grew after the coming of the railroad in 1888.

San An•ge•lo

(sæn ˈæn dʒəˌloʊ)
a city in W Texas. 87,340.
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Noun1.San Angelo - a town in west central TexasSan Angelo - a town in west central Texas; formerly a notorious frontier town
Lone-Star State, Texas, TX - the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
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Don't try to tell that to the true believers in San Angelo, Texas.
4823, entitled Connecting the Rest to the West, would connect Brady, Texas and Junction, Texas, through San Angelo, Texas to Midland, Texas.
First Financial Bank has said that it has promoted Chris Evatt as chair, president and CEO of the San Angelo region.
Dowler, Department of Biology, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX 76909; 325-486-6639; robert.
The situation is likely to give the San Angelo building community whiplash and ulcers.
The community will now be known as Lyndale at San Angelo.
Royal Estates of San Angelo, TX, Royal Estates of Abilene, TX and Copper Lake Estates in Edmond, OK, will now be known as Lyndale at San Angelo, Lyndale at Abilene and Lyndale at Edmond Senior Living respectively.
After receiving a search warrant, Menard County sheriff's office discovered armed personnel protecting the grow sites located south of San Angelo.
Two years later, after Nexstar Broadcasting bought KSAN-TV in San Angelo, he was tasked with rebranding the station with a new name and logo.
As a flock of San Angelo cops pursued a high-speed, recklessly maneuvering stolen truck over miles and miles of West Texas roads, they had every intent of bringin' it to a halt and stuffin' the driver into their jailhouse.
US wireless communication services company Verizon Wireless announced on Monday that it is bringing its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network to San Angelo, Texas.
He has previously worked as executive vice president of First Financial Bank in San Angelo, Texas, and as president of Commerce Bank, San Angelo.

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