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Noun1.San Diego Bay - a bay of the Pacific in southern California
San Diego - a picturesque city of southern California on San Diego Bay near the Mexican border; site of an important naval base
Pacific, Pacific Ocean - the largest ocean in the world
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A missing person case that went cold in 2014 was reopened after a body was found in the San Diego Bay in October 2016.
October 29-31 Hilton San Diego Bay Front - San Diego, CA
The Port of San Diego has long been a champion of environmental initiatives to ensure that San Diego Bay remains a vibrant resource and contributes to our remarkable way of life, said Port of San Diego Chairman Robert Dukie Valderrama.
the gallery is just steps from the iconic San Diego Bay.
Attendees enjoyed cocktails and appetizers at the opening reception, which overlooked the San Diego Bay.
The Opening Reception overlooked the San Diego Bay, with views of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.
SAN DIEGO -- Officials say a 62-year-old man holding a fish he caught on a boat in a San Diego bay was pulled overboard by a sea lion.
When he returned home, he dreamed of buying a boat and running a fishing charter service from San Diego Bay.
Eelgrass fish communities were sampled by beach seining at two urban coastal estuaries, San Diego Bay and Mission Bay, from 1987-2010.
From the shores of Naval Air Station North Island - the birthplace of naval aviation and home to two modern aircraft carriers - to the embarcadero across the bay, where tourists and locals alike can stroll past the threemasted former cargo vessel, "Star of India," and the retired aircraft carrier USS Midway, San Diego bay pays homage to Navy history.
Marriott Marquis & Marina, which the FTA is calling "Forum Headquarters," has recently completed a $200 million renovation, including 1360 remodeled rooms and suites with sweeping bay views of the hotel's private marina on San Diego Bay.
5-mile stretch of Coronado beach is set against the historic Hotel del Coronado, on an island just across San Diego Bay from the city's downtown.

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