San Leandro

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San Le•an•dro

(ˌsæn liˈæn droʊ)
a city in W California. 66,790.
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Beneath them stretched the flatlands to the bay, checkerboarded into fields and broken by the towns of Elmhurst, San Leandro, and Haywards.
The testimony of Captain Shehan was the sheerest perjury, it being proved long afterward that on the night in question he had not only not been in the vicinity of the murder, but that he had been out of the city in a resort on the San Leandro Road.
If he wasn't great, would he have charge of the law business of the Sierra Mills, of the Erston Land Syndicate, of the Berkeley Consolidated, of the Oakland, San Leandro, and Pleasanton Electric?
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 19, 2016-Terra Tech Corp awarded license to open Medical Cannabis facility in San Leandro, California
Also, it is a cherry on top to have the conference take place in San Leandro, our pilot city for our smart energy network.
SAN LEANDRO -- Fil-Am Joel The Quiet Storm Siapno, currently a registered nurse for the San Leandro school district, will be entering the ring for his fourth professional fight, Saturday, May 21 at the Richmond Auditorium, Richmond, California.
NYSE: RKUS) said the city of San Leandro has selected, deployed and standardized a new, free outdoor Smart Wi-Fi service, which is the first of its kind in the Bay Area that is gigabit-capable, leveraging the new 802.
Simons gained her experience as San Leandro's local history librarian; this is a spin-off of her work creating the San Leandro Museum and is enhanced by The Bancroft Library's newspaper collections.
The new location will allow the expanded business to be under one roof as opposed to the six buildings at the San Leandro site.
The Oakland Tribune recently reported that local free shuttle service, the San Leandro LINKS unveiled two new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered buses last week.
As someone who has successfully opposed formation of two local Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) in San Leandro, California, I was disappointed by Jesse Walker's article ("Beyond Public and Private" November), which betrayed a lack of insight into the subject.
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