Sand bath

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(Chem.) A vessel of hot sand in a laboratory, in which vessels that are to be heated are partially immersed
A bath in which the body is immersed in hot sand.

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chemistry Lab Items : Glass Burette 50ml, glass Burette 25ml, Acid resistent Golves, Heat resistent Gloves, Sand bath, water bath, potash laum,
In the laboratory commonly used hot bath methods are water bath, oil bath, sand bath and so on.
For applications that require temperatures above 100degC, alternative equipment are used such as oil bath, sand bath or silicone baths are used.
He loves to play with the cat toys and having a paddle in water along with the odd sand bath.
Finally the solid product was extracted onto a ceramic dish and dried on a sand bath.
I even gave a little yellow porkfish a sand bath as a nurse shark coasted by overhead.
Benjamin Jenkins, seven, Jack Thrupp, four, and Luke Butler, 11, take a sand bath on Porthcawl beach PICTURE: Patrick Olner
enjoying a cone ABERYSTWYTH Beach-goer covers up from the sun in a sand bath HYDE PARK Diana memorial is the perfect spot to keep cool TYNEMOUTH Geordies had to jostle for space on the beach BRIGHTON There's hardly an inch to spare down by the pier BELFAST Bathing beauties and playful kids in the city centre
Thermal shock testing is best conducted with a sand bath rather than a solder bath, as it makes the lack of copper adhesion easier to identify.
The proportion of hens present at the sand bath area increased from 9.
For example, with the sand bath, staff members bury you, except for the face, more than three feet below indoor sand dunes that are hot enough to burn a camel's pads.