Sand picture

a picture made by putting sand of different colors on an adhesive surface.

See also: Sand

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Olivia had plenty of fun creating a summery sand picture .
Above left: An early 19th-century sand picture, in the manner of Benjamin Zobel.
Among the most esoteric in this area of collecting are sand pictures, which started life centuries ago as temporary ceremonial or ritualistic exercises.
AMOTHER gazes lovingly into the eyes of her son in this stunning sand picture.
The sand picture is only a vivid example," Bak emphasizes.
Make a sand work of art If you don't fancy going to the beach but want the kids to feel some sand between their fingers, send them to some creative workshops to make sand pictures to take home.
You do not have to go to the beach to make these sand pictures.
Children can also have a great time with smaller amounts--pouring and measuring and painting sand pictures.
As it settles, it looks like one of those sand pictures.
They could have a holiday book -or if that sounds too much like school work, a holiday box, a shoe-box or something -where they can put souvenirs of what they did like pebbles, sand pictures, tickets, notes to themselves, addresses of new friends they made etc.
Follow the directions below and you can make colorful sand pictures.