Sand screw

(Zool.) an amphipod crustacean (Lepidactylis arenarius), which burrows in the sandy seabeaches of Europe and America.

See also: Sand

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The MWS mobile wash plant consists of a tracked S190 or S130 (two- or three-deck) Rinser feeding a single or twin sand screw.
Undersized material passing through the double-deck wash screen is classified by a sand screw and stockpiled.
The pan feeder coupled with the sand screw will greatly speed up production.
At that rate, the conventional sand screw would require 1,100 gal.
The facility has four conveyors at this location to move material from the sand screw discharge and eventually to the stockpiles, where it awaits loading onto customer trucks for transport.
replaced its sand screw system with CDE cyclone technology, inconsistent production levels and loss of fines to ponds and water spillages on-site are a thing of the past.
Since his first plant purchase in 2003, Smith has steadily continued to invest in KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens equipment, including a Kodiak K300 Cone Crusher, a Kodiak K400 Cone Crusher and a Kodiak Plus K300+ Cone Crusher, along with five horizontal screens, several stacking conveyors and a sand screw.
The lack of production with the sand screw or the amount of water that remained in the finished aggregate was simply unacceptable.
The customer had previously used a sand screw set up and the FM BucketWheel would replace this to produce silt free dry sand.
If you like his work, you can buy a print of "Quarry Night" to hang in your office, or heck, commission him to paint a crusher or a sand screw.
Additional sand is collected with an Eagle Iron Works 44-inch sand screw and can be mixed with the 304.
With conventional classifying equipment and sand screws this is difficult to say the least," said Keith Newell, president of Metroplex Sand & Gravel.