Sand storm

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a cloud of sand driven violently by the wind.

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Reader Darren Dockery took this photo of the sand storm in Dubai Sports City
In the meantime, a battlefield source announced that the government forces' advances towards Raqqa that were for some hours delayed due to sand storm re-launched again.
Muscat: Northern parts of Oman will witness dust and sand storm in the coming three days, affecting visibility, according to the meteorological department .
NNA - "In wake of the sand storm hitting Lebanon for the past 24 hours, 606 people with severe breathing conditions have been taken to various hospitals across the country," an issued statement by the Lebanese Red Cross indicated Wednesday.
Rain and now a massive sand storm, are literally saving lives #Syria
Pediatric and general medicine clinics recorded the highest number of cases due to the climatic changes that brought the unprecedented heat wave in addition to the sand storm that swept through the region.
He said the prices soared up as an initial reaction to the sand storm, but that during the last three days, prices are again down by 40 percent.
Abu Dhabi - Flight departures and landings are proceeding as normal with no delays or diversions to any of the scheduled flights from and to Abu Dhabi International Airport due to the sand storm that Abu Dhabi is witnessing today, announced Abu Dhabi Airports.
With this in mind, imagine working 15 hours a day, waking up at four o'clock in the morning to be greeted by a blinding sand storm.
It's common for the elderly to spend time sitting outside their houses, particularly in the evening, when the temperature drops slightly; BELOW: a father and son walk through a small sand storm.
Playing the game as Cara, the user is propelled along sand dunes in an attempt to outrun a sand storm, along the way you can collect stars and bonuses to boost your score.
But step a forkful farther for my very favorite: the Sand Storm Basa, a fish fillet that's marinated, then lightly breaded and fried.