Sand storm

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a cloud of sand driven violently by the wind.

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These type of decals can help cut down the likelihood of rear-end collisions during a sand storm.
The plane takes off, only to fly straight into a massive sand storm that batters the craft, forcing Frank to crash-land in the middle of the Gobi.
SAND STORM, easy in the market and a slow starter when a running-on third on her debut, will know more about what is required when dropped in class today for the Marjoram Selling Stakes (4.
27, five people were injured in auto accidents caused by a blinding sand storm driven by winds gusting up to 86 mph.
While, Muscat, Rustaq, Madha, Khasab, Sohar, Saiq, Samail, Qalhat, Dibba, Muttrah, Suwaiq, Saiq, Ras Al HAdd, Amerat, Baushar, Shinas and Saham will witness rain, Buraimi, Fahud, Ibra, Yaaloni, Thumrait, Ibri and Ibra will witness dust and sand storm," the forecast added.
During the sand storm, our section used six sand sweepers, an open truck and shovels.
Al-Ansari added that firefighters suffered tremendously due to the amount of fire incidents they faced, coupled with sand storm and rising high temperatures.
Do you think Lamar could be the pioneer of a whole new sand storm of actresses?
He also pointed out that the airline cancelled two flights to King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba (Wednesday night and Thursday morning flights) due to the poor visibility at the airport that resulted from strong winds and sand storm.
We are expecting the ports to shut because the forecasts show a sand storm coming our way,' said a shipping source.
MANAMA: A severe sand storm wreaked havoc across the Gulf yesterday.
You might want to keep these conditions in mind before the next sand storm hits.