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 (sănd′bûrg′, săn′-), Carl August 1878-1967.
American writer known for his free verse poems celebrating American people, geography, and industry and for his six-volume biography Abraham Lincoln (1926-1939). His collections of poetry include Smoke and Steel (1920).


(ˈsændbɜːɡ; ˈsænbɜːɡ)
(Biography) Carl. 1878–1967, US writer, noted esp for his poetry, often written in free verse


(ˈsænd bɜrg, ˈsæn-)

Carl, 1878–1967, U.S. poet and biographer.
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Noun1.Sandburg - United States writer remembered for his poetry in free verse and his six volume biography of Abraham Lincoln (1878-1967)Sandburg - United States writer remembered for his poetry in free verse and his six volume biography of Abraham Lincoln (1878-1967)
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Chicago was once "hog butcher for the world," as the poet Carl Sandburg put it.
ALTHOUGH HE BEGAN writing before the birth of general semantics, Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) seems to have been guided by ideas closely related to general semantics formulations, especially those of non-identity, non-allness, self-reflexiveness, and the use of the extensional devices.
His teaching experience includes faculty appointments at Carl Sandburg College, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Oakland University, as well as pre-college piano camps in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio and the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan.
Canyon of Anaheim's Scott Hohenstein and Ryan Sandburg defeated Harvard-Westlake's Sam Wagner and Josh Lederman 7-5, 6-4, and Nick Berger and Andy Gerst of Redondo Union of Redondo Beach defeated the Wolverines' Ryan and Bret Thacher 6-4, 7-6 (7-1).
But the marvel is that in a bygone era of staggering sexual ignorance, there were at least a handful of early Lincolnists--in particular, Ida Tarbell, Carl Sandburg, Robert Kincaid, and Margaret Leech--who showed enough curiosity and perception first to detect and then to note at least a few homosexual elements in Lincoln's life.
The one exception was Carl Sandburg, who, as Tripp reminds us, found "streaks of lavender" in both Lincoln and Speed.
A television crew taking over the library for several days to film "The Song and the Slogan," a documentary about Carl Sandburg (even if we did trip over cords).
STRANGE BUT TRUE ET's face was modelled on poet Carl Sandburg, scientist Albert Einstein and a pug dog.
Carl Sandburg wrote the text for Steichen the Photographer.
ET's face was modelled on the poet Carl Sandburg and the mathematician Albert Einstein.
One example of where this type of computer technology is being utilized is at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois.
Brown had been persuaded by his higher education that the new American realism in poetry represented by Robert Frost, Edwin Arlington Robinson, and Carl Sandburg was the way of the artistic future.